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School visit


Harry and Barry visit Jahn School
Jahn School was opened in 1908 to provide classes for 875 pupils from overcrowded Schneider School. For about 35 years Jahn maintained a department for "handi-capped" children. The department was transferred to Burbank School in June of 1951. (as reported in the Belmont Booster, May 1958)

Of course we gotta use the "Boys" entrance

On May 14, 1958 Jahn School marked 50 years with a program that featured Benjamin C. Willis (Superintendent of Public Schools) as the main speaker. The PTA was also celebrating its 25 years of existance. Rev Parsons gave the invocation. Mrs. Herman Matzick led the PTA chorus. Miss Violet E. Mau (principal) did the introductions of guests and Miss Grace Carroll (Asst. principal) introduced past faculty members. Miss Evelyn Farr led the 7th and 8th grade choral singing. (Belmont Booster)

Whew-where's the elevator?

Gym....Third Floor

Do you remember this and where it is located?

Assembly Hall
It is located here-on the north wall

How about this mural, remember where it hung?

It was located just outside the balcony on the second floor

Friedrich is on the right