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A web site for use by all graduates, teachers and friends of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn School (now known as: Jahn World Language), located at 3149 N. Wolcott Ave., Chicago, IL.

Our Mission

This site was initiated in 2008, the centennial year
of Jahn School, by members of
the Jahn Graduating Class of January 1958.
(The mid-way class) 
The purpose of this web site is to provide information that will assist Jahn alumni with reunions and/or provide a means for former classmates to reunite.
All interested individuals are invited to contribute and encouraged is the posting of Jahn memories, information and photos.

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn , 1778-1852, German patriot and a high school teacher who was active in efforts to free Germany from Napoleonic rule. He organized the Turnverein , a gymnastic association, to build strength and fellowship among young people of all classes. The gymnastic groups Jahn fostered became centers for nationalism and for the movement to unify Germany. After serving (1813-15) in the war against Napoleon, Jahn continued his work until his political agitation caused his imprisonment (1819-25). Jahn was influential in the organization of the Burschenschaft movement, which promoted nationalistic ideals among German university students.





American Turners

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