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Historical data and notes of interest about Lakeview


1836                Conrad and Wife Christine Sulzer (Swiss emigrants) first settlers in Lakeview; 100 acres north of Chicago (25 years aft Ft Dearborn massacre)


1800s               Tolls gates at Lincoln and Belmont also at Lincoln and Irving


1830s-1850s    Lakeview area known for Celery Trade


1857                Lakeview incorporated as a township (Fullerton/Western/Devon/Lake    Michigan) Incorporated were the villages of Ravenswood, Bowmanville, Summerdale, Andersonville, Rose Hill, Gross Park and Belle Plaine. Lakeview took its name from the Lakeview Hotel that was located at Grace and the Lakefront.


1872                First public building: Town Hall at Halsted and Addison-northwest corner.


1874                Lakeview High School


1882                St. Alphonsus

1885                Masonic Hall completed at Lincoln & Diversey

1889                City of Lakeview annexed by City of Chicago

1899                George Rasmussen’s Grocery Store at 1328 Belmont becomes the  

                        very first National Tea store

1902                Lincoln-Belmont-Ashland promoted by local businessmen

1905                Construction started at Lakeview Bank


1908                Friedrich Ludwig Jahn School built

1911                William Wieboldt finances the building of the Lincoln Building at the
                        southeast corner of Lincoln and Belmont, the former location of Math
                        Jung’s Tavern

1914                Wrigley Field opens

1917                Wieboldt’s Store completed


1921              Illinois Masonic Hospital takes over the Chicago Union Hospita

                     Established to care for: “Indigent Master Masons and their families”


1928            October 7th, Lincoln-Belmont YMCA opens
                    William Wieboldt gave an initial contribution of $110,000
                    Elmer Wieboldt, 1st president of Kiwanis, was involved in
                    many community programs and especially instrumental in
                    spearheading the drive to fund the building of the YMCA



1929     Goldblatt Brothers purchase building at 3167 Lincoln

             from Struve Dry Goods


courtesy of Ed Innis
Schneider School 1932

Ed Innis (June 56) sent us this photo of his mother's graduation class.
She is seated 5th from left.

  1938    Julia C. Lathrop CHA Homes were completed.
                                    Built on a 35-acre site once occupied by an industrial
                                    plant. The Lathrop Projects are one of the first in the



1941-March 1st, 13th Chicago Fire Department Batallion and Truck No. 21 moves into new station at 1501 W. School Street
Fire house building financed by Goldblatts


1946                    Gas prices: 17.9 cents/Ethyl and 16.2 cents/regular

1952…………Hamlin Park fire (March)

Ad in the Booster: Sally Rand appearing at the Rip Tide in Cal City


1950s               Joe Gaffney is Hamlin Park Supervisor

                        Parade on Wheels-Hamlin Park

                        Charlie Weber’s 45th ward Riverview Party: Free Food, drinks and Rides



1953 …………March -Fire at Wiebolt’s (Cigarette in papers) Booster 18 Mar ‘53

                         March-Female arrested for wearing slacks! “Charged with appearing

                                     in public wearing clothes of the opposite sex” Booster 4 Mar ‘53

                          Booze prices: Case of Drewrys or Meister Brau= $2.39

                          Shot and beer costs 25 cents

                          April-Atom Bomb to Rouse Lakeview (was a drill) Booster 22 Ap ‘53

                         War on Rats Booster 22 Ap ‘53

1958                May 14th, Jahn School celebrates Golden Anniversary (50 years)

Approximately 1000 people attend including past principals and teachers, alumni groups including the initial year-1908, and PTA members, past and present. The guest speaker was Bejamin C. Willis, Superintendant of Public Schools.

notice Barry standing on window sill
actual depiction of recess at Jahn in the 1950's

October 11th, a two hour demonstration of the new Motorola Stereo
 System is conducted at Casten’s TV and Appliance Store, 2118 Roscoe.



Date unknown: Lincoln Turners first located at Lincoln and Halsted, then 1005 Diversey.

Howard Theater was located at south side of Lincoln & Belmont (at triangle) it featured stage productions. It was purchased by the Wieboldt Foundation and beautifully rebuilt with a marble lobby. It featured Vaudeville acts and silent movies. It was named the Lincoln Hippodrome but people called it the Lincoln Theater. When it closed in March of 1953 it then became the site of May Sons.

Belmont Street is named for a civil war battle

Wolcott is named for Alex Wolcott, an Army surgeon & Indian agent at Ft. Dearborn

Greenview Mfg. Co. designed the first mold that was used for “Popsicles”