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We consider it a solomn honor to publish information
about our classmates who are no longer with us...
....but never to be forgotten.

Linda Ann Monica Baumhardt

Baumhardt, Linda
Linda passed away in March of 2013. She was a freelance writer and instructor of Tai Chi. She was an active participant and behind the scenes organizer of our  reunion activities. Lynn resided in the "old" neighborhood. She really could carry a tune and loved to sing the old songs. She is dearly missed, especially by those of us who have become close with her in recent years. (I hear music-but there's no one there) 

Charles Staudenmeyer

Staudenmeyer, Charles (deceased)

Chuck met his future wife, Joyce, in the spring of 1963 when he was  a sophmore at Northwestern. They were married in December 1965 (Gerhard Thomsen was best man at the wedding). They had three children, Kristen, Kara and Jeffrey. Chuck received a B.S. Business Administration degree from Northwestern University and his law degree from Kent School of Law. He immediately went to work for a small Chicago based commercial finance company as assistant corporate counsel. Chuck transitioned from corporate counsel to lending/credit operations officer. Through a succession of interests over a period of years, the company Chuck worked for eventually was acquired by Associates Commercial Corporation out of South Bend, Indiana. Headquarters were moved to Chicago and remained so until 1989, when headquarters were moved to Dallas, Texas. At that time, he moved his family to Dallas. The company was acquired by Citigroup in the late 1990's, and remains as a subsidiary at present. He remained as a high level financial executive/operations officer until his death of a heart attack in May 2002 at age 58.) (Thanks to Gerhard Thomsen for this information on Charles Staudenmeyer)

Renate Zwirn

Zwirn, Renee (Parker) (deceased)

Mrs. Renata (Renee) Doris Zwirn Parker was married to Clyde Parker for 46 years. She had three children (Cindy, Steven, and Scott) and six grandchildren. She was a housewife and caregiver for her grandchildren. Renee lived for many years in Rowland Heights, California. Her brother, Manfred, lives in Cerritos, California. She had diabetes for many years, and she died from complications of diabetes in 2006. (Submitted by her sister-in-law, Valerie Zwirn)

Renee (Zwirn) Parker