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Teachers' page


Our dedicated teachers:

you obviously think fairly well of those underpaid Chicago Public School teachers of the 1950s....
they were a pretty dedicated lot and even though you think that you didn't apply yourself
you must have gotten something out of your time there
maybe it wasn't all out of a book or off a blackboard
but I guarantee you that they gave you some values and principles
and probably some reasoning skills and common sense................
you and I had a nice career.......................and without a college education...
and all we had to fall upon was that kick-start that Miss Mueller, Miss Carroll, Miss Wehrle 
or whoever it was, gave us.
look back and enjoy, and savor the retirement
Here's to Jahn, the old neighborhood, may it, they, them....
forever be a special place, a treasure within our minds.

(exurbs from a recent letter between Jahn classmates)


photo courtesy of Ms Marlene (Wehrle) Frankel
1960 Jahn Faculty

Back Row: Evelyn Farr, Vivian O'Donnell, Beatrice Stone, Mary Ley, LaDonna Rupiriski, Sue Gethner, Alfhild Kaut, Ken Brandt
Row 2: Georgia Loose, Elane Poltrock, Lillian Devine, Miriam Mueller, Marlene Wehrle, Ann Klein, Grace Carroll (assist. principal), Trudy Lampert
Seated: Bernice Waiteman, Lilian Grant, Evelyn Waehner, Violet Mau (principal), Marie Budlong, Minda Esterman, Marie Egan.

1979 photo courtesy of Ms. Frankel
Ms. Marlene (Wehrle) Frankel
unknown date courtesy Ms. Frankel
gym class at Jahn

1983 photo courtesy of Ms. Frankel
On bacony looking North-Factory on Rosco in backround

You can see Burley School over Ms. Wehrle's left shoulder in the color photo taken on the fire escape balcony just outside the gym.

Grace Carroll
Beatrice Schultz
Edith P. Smolak
Mrs Grace Warner

 July 23, 1958: Miss Grace Carroll and Miss Miriam Miller
were the special guests of Alderman Charles Weber
at a city council meeting. (Booster)

Miriam Mueller
Georgia Loose
Miss Anna Flemming

        Miss Anna Flemming
retired in 1952 after 35 years
of teaching second grade.
Jahn school was a 9 year old
new building when she started. 

Do you have a favorite teacher? Do you have a story to tell? Were you inspired? Let us know and we will share it with other Jahnites.

photo courtesy of Ms Frankel
1965 Jahn Faculty

FEB 1965 Jahn Faculty


Top Row: Shirley Sonies, unk, Elizabeth Ruthmiller, Mary Ley, Diane Meyers, Trudy Lampert, Barbara Rutalla, Violet Schroeder, Marlene Frankel, Genivieve McGowan


Middle Row: Georgia Loose, Marie Egan, Lilian DeVine, Beatrice Stone, Elaine Poltrock, Grace Carroll, Beatrice Schultz, Miriam Mueller, Evelyn Farr, Harriet Rubenstein


Seated: Rochell Egger, unk, Rita Harper, Frances Knophurst (principal), Violet Stearns, Vivian O’Donnell, Agnes Ojama



Evelyn R. Farr

March 09, 1999

Evelyn R. Farr, 92, a music teacher in Chicago for 44 years, died Friday of complications from a stroke at the Long Grove Manor nursing home. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Ms. Farr moved to Chicago in 1912 and lived in the same house on Tripp Avenue until 1996, when she moved to Long Grove Manor. She graduated from Normal Teachers College at the age of 20 and spent her career teaching music at Linne and Jahn Elementary Schools on the North Side. In 1943, she received a bachelor's degree in music education from Northwestern University, where she received a master's degree in music education the following year. After her retirement, Ms. Farr continued to volunteer at the schools until she was 75, coordinating choral performances at the schools' holiday concerts and graduation ceremonies. "She was just absolutely loved by her students. She just had a great tenderness for kids and wanted to do everything and anything that she could (for them)," said her niece, Elaine Steele. Ms. Farr was never married.

Thanks to Ed Innis for providing a copy of this obituary